Friday, August 24, 2012

Cat of the Day: Smokey

Adam and Liza's other cat is Smokey. She actually started out as one of my dad's cats until my brother came to acquire her at some point. But no matter whose cat Smokey is, today, Smokey is the Cat of the Day.

Despite her puffy appearance in these pictures, she's actually quite a slinky thing. In fact, she's exactly the perfect type of kitty for when it comes time to wrestle.

You can just contort her and wrap her around into all sorts of positions for grappling holds and slams. I used to wrestle her all the time when she lived at my dad's house, which she wasn't necessarily a fan of. But she would always find it in her heart to forgive me and hop right back into my lap within minutes.

See, she's a total lap cat. She could just lie in your lap all day long like it was nothing. And in a house full of cats who tried to scramble away anytime you'd try to hold them, she was a refreshing change of pace in that regard. What a sweetheart.