Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm done with Publix

Yeah, so in the end, Publix didn't turn out to be so hot after all. The managers have all turned out to be assholes, idiots, douchebags, and tool-sheds, respectively. The workload has continued to multiply with no end in sight, and the ludicrous scheduling on top of all of that has effected my life to the point where I'm too dead tired to ever do anything after my shifts. But that's okay though, because I'm giving them my two weeks, and while I look for a decent replacement, one of my old managers from the toy store is already hooking me up with another temporary job at his gas station. It's a new line of work, and looks to be really laid back, which will be a much needed change of pace from the constantly hectic style of work that I've been doing the past few years. We'll see how it goes, and if nothing else, at least I'm abandoning ship before I let the misery settle in too much this time.