Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cat of the Day: Red

Today's Cat of the Day is... wait a minute, this can't be right. Red? But... but he's a rabbit.

Okay, okay, relax! Yeesh! Well, I guess Red was feeling left out, being the only critter in a house full of cats who didn't get his own day this August. So, well, okay, if it's alright with all of you, then I guess that means that today the Cat of the Day can, indeed, be my Little Red Rabbit!

Red's not the most sociable of rabbits. I've had him for a few years now, and yet he's still shy even around me. He also has moments where he'll actually growl at you, showing that he's got a bit of a mean streak in him as well.

AHH! Well, um, but while he may not always be the friendliest rabbit, he's certainly a very patient one! He has a tendency to get really dirty at times, so I've had to give him baths on several occasions, and he won't ever try to fight with me at all. He just stands as still as can be anytime I've had to do so, like a good little bunny.

He's also an adventurous one. He knows how to break out of his pinned-in little area, and he'll just wait till nobody's around to go out and explore. I'm always worried that he's gonna either get stuck in some kind of small crevice or just chew up all our wires whenever he gets loose, though.

What? I didn't even say anything bad that time! Anyways, yeah, so I guess Red's an alright little guy. Alright enough at least to be today's Cat of the Day, despite not even being a cat!


  1. Hey, that's not a cat! That's a wabbit! But srsly, how can a bunny be so mean? The ones I've known were all nice and fluffy.

    Like srsly, what did you do to that poor rabbit to make him so pissed off?