Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cat of the Day: Dexter

Dexter is the cat of my brother, Adam, and his wife, Liza. And he is also today's Cat of the Day. I'm honestly not too familiar with him, though from the time that I have spent with him, he's always seemed like a nice cat. I almost always walk in on him lying on his back. And, well, honestly, he tends to remain in that position throughout most of the time that I see him.

But he's a very social kitty, and he'll always greet you and try to hold a little small talk to catch up on things. And he'll let you rub him and love him, but it's not too long before he wanders off and plops right back down onto his back again.

So yeah, Dexter's a pretty cool kitty, and he's always a pleasure to see whenever I visit my brother's house.