Monday, August 27, 2012

Cat of the Day: Max

Max is the king of the land over at my dad's house. And he's also today's king of cats, because today, Max is the Cat of the Day!

He's a really good kitty, and any time you drive up, he'll come prancing over to your car to greet you, and he'll follow you all the way to the door.

Max is a very loyal kitty. He loves his people, and he'll protect them from anyone he deems unsuitable. After my dad's house burned down a few years ago and all of their cats became outdoor cats, some of my dad's cats ran away. And of the cats who stuck around, well, let's just say that Max didn't take too kindly to them, so he ran them all off, too.


Yup, he ran off all but one other cat, Salena, who he allowed to remain living there until she passed away a couple years back. But throughout the months when my dad's house was being rebuilt, Max stuck around and watched over the place. And now Max is the lone cat of the house, and he definitely runs the place, even keeping the dogs in check. They know who's boss.

Max don't take shit from any other animals, but like I said, he loves his people, and he's as sweet as can be to his family. What an awesome cat!


  1. Max is The MAN! He gives mean stank eyes like Belly! He must have had some Asian blood somewhere :D

  2. Are you suggesting that Max is a Secret Asian Cat? ;)

  3. The skilled stank eyes, the judgy face, the indifference, the grumpiness that Max has all points to one direction: he's Asian!

  4. Max is a SUPER cat. Protecting those he loves and "their space." From the day he called to me at the animal shelter, touching my tears so gently when my brother passed away, guarding our home from intruders, to telling me it's dinner time...Max is the best. Thanks, Chris!