Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fright Night (BEDA 28)

So I caught Fright Night today, and it was alright. I had heard some pretty good things about this, and justifiably so. This horror comedy movie is a remake to the 1985 movie of the same name, though seeing as I haven't seen that film, I can't say how it compares. Based on reviews I've read, this one's apparently much better in pretty much every way, though I personally don't know that for certain. However, on its own, this one is pretty good, even if it doesn't necessarily do anything to make it stand out.

The plot is simple enough, a vampire moves in next door and starts killing people. See, simple! And the performances in this movie were really fun. Christopher Mintz-Plasse does overdo it a bit at times, playing the lead character's nerdy friend, but he's not around nearly long enough to really damper the movie too much. Colin Farrell looked like he was having a blast as Jerry the vampire, though, but the real star was David Tennant, who is an absolute joy to watch.

The movie does have a few roadblocks, however, particularly as we get closer to the end. The pacing goes all out of wack in the second half for one thing. There's a point near the end where it feels like we're watching the big final confrontation of the movie. However, that turns out not to be the case, as we revert back to even more preparations for yet another final confrontation afterwards. It just felt a little clunky initially, though this honestly may very well be a non-issue on multiple viewings. Also, some scenes do tend to go on for a lot longer than necessary. This movie was almost 2 hours long, though it could have easily been cut down to around 90 minutes, and likely would have been so much stronger for it.

But those were my biggest complaints, and other than that, this is just an overall fun movie. It's completely entertaining, and keeps a very light-hearted tone throughout. It's definitely campy and goofy, and you can tell that everyone in this thing is having a lot of fun with it. But overall, good as it all was, I can't really see this being something that sticks with me personally.

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