Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Top 5 Awesomely Bad Movies of 2012

So, by special request, I've got one more end of year list for you all, and this one's focusing on something a little different. This time around, I'm going to count down the Top 5 Awesomely Bad Movies of 2012! That's right, the best horribl-awesome movies of the past year! The top movies that were so bad, they were actually kinda good! And rather than writing up a little piece on each of these movies, I'm going to instead include an anonymous reaction that either myself or one of my friends I saw each movie with had towards the movie. So without any further ado...


Paranormal Activity 4

"Most unintentionally hilarious movie of the year? I think so!"



"It's like they took every Nic Cage movie ever and combined them all together."


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

"He threw a freaking horse!"



"Horrible film, but it was gleefully preposterous."


Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

"Well that happened."


  1. I did watch #1-3 this year and I have to agree with you, they deserve their spots. These movies are so bad they're good and if Alexander Skarsgard were not in Battleship, that movie could have easily been number 1 :)

  2. Thanks, Dao. I'd say the other two are worth checking out as well, but I'm honestly not entirely sure that's accurate, lol!

  3. Ok, agree on Battleship, definitely a so bad its good candidate. I almost disqualify Ghost Rider because it's AIMING for so bad its good, thus it should be considered "Camp", and its not very good camp.


    I have to see "Stolen" though, that picture alone is great advertising!! :D

  4. I know we disagree on it, but I actually really enjoyed the hell out of Ghost Rider. One of the most fun times at the theater this year (seeing it in a theater full of Nic Cage fans who "get it" was definitely a bonus factor to that!), and it actually came close to making my Top 10 of the year based on fun factor alone, lol!

    But yeah, no need to go out of your way, but if you get the chance, Stolen is... well, I was gonna say "worth your time", but I'm not entirely sure that's accurate, heh. Um, just check it out if you can I suppose, it's another one of those "special" movies. XD