Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Character Profile: Vini

Vini is a venus flytrap who knows how to talk, and he's got a lot to say! After a chance encounter, Velcro decides to let Vini tag along on her adventures, where he spends most of his time planted atop her shoulder and spouting out random banter, though he does from time to time prove himself to be a valuable asset, helping out in ways that other animals can't with his insight on the natural world.

While the two don't start off on quite the right foot, and his loud, outgoing, and oftentimes obnoxious antics do have a tendency to get on her nerves, Velcro and Vini grow to truly compliment one another in their contrast and form quite the unconventional pair. And one of these days when he's sounding off, he might also succeed in telling a joke that won't fall completely flat, too!


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