Monday, May 21, 2012

Getting Made Up

So, strangely enough, the release of my teaser trailer only made people even more curious as to what I was actually up to with this whole movie thing. So I've decided to compile a select few behind the scenes photos to maybe give you a little more of an idea as to what went into the making of this movie, and what you can expect from it.

Here we see our awesome makeup artist, Rachel, hard at work making Caroline look like a star.

See, now isn't she prettiful?

Oh, and who's this handsome cat getting worked on now?

Looks like this shy guy isn't quite ready to show his face on camera just yet.

And hey, JP got made up, too! You can sort of see the inspiration behind his look on the computer screen in the background.

Well okay then, so I think that just about wraps up this little preview for the movie. Except... oh, fine, if you insist, one more picture:

Oh yes, and for those who missed it, check out my aforementioned teaser trailer, now available on youtube. If you haven't been able to figure out what it's all about by now, this should answer any of your remaining questions:

Or not.


  1. Dude, JP looked like Sheldon in that picture! Your cat eyes looked so creepy!

  2. Why thank you. ;)

    And yeah, he sorta does! XD