Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Velcro: The Masquerade - Now Available!

Here it is! It's been a little while, but book three of The Ninja Kat series is finally here! Velcro's fantastic action packed adventure continues in Velcro: The Masquerade, and you can get your paws on a copy today on amazon.com in either paperback or e-book form.

I'm honestly really proud with how this one turned out, and I think that taking a bit of a break between books really helped invigorate my passion for the series. And I'm already hard at work on the fourth book, too, so hopefully there won't be nearly so long a gap between books this time! But for now, I put my heart into this latest Ninja Kat story, so I really just hope that comes through, and that all of you great readers sincerely enjoy this latest installment of my cat's dark and wild adventures.


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