Monday, April 6, 2015

My Top 10 Movies of the Decade So Far (2010-2014)

So since we're a little over halfway through the current decade, I wanted to take a look at what I thought were the best movies of this decade so far. Now, I know that several people have tackled this already closer to the beginning of the year, but I personally wanted to give it a little time and let some of these movies settle in a little more before I went ahead with posting my list. And now that some time has passed, I'm mostly confident enough in my list (probably about as confident I'm going to get at least) to go ahead and share it with all of you. But first, let's take a look at a few honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions:
The Avengers (Joss Whedon - 2012)
Cloud Atlas (Tom Tykwer, Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski - 2012)
Kung Fu Panda 2 (Jennifer Yuh Nelson - 2011)
Let Me In (Matt Reeves - 2010)
The Master (Paul Thomas Anderson - 2012)
Predestination (Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig - 2014)

All of these were incredible movies that stood the test of time with me. And for those of you who've followed me over the years now may notice, a number of these movies didn't even rank that high or at all when it came time for me to do my yearly countdowns. And the same can be said for a number of my picks that appear on the main list. But that's the thing about time, it really shows you what truly sticks with you through the years, and what drifts away, forgotten.

Above all else, these are the 10 movies that have resonated the best and continue to leave an impact on me in recent years. And they're also movies that I have spoken on so much that I really don't know what else I could possibly say about them that I haven't already expressed, so please excuse the lack of accompanying text with these entries. So with that all said, and without any further ado, here are my picks for the Top 10 Movies of the Decade So Far...


Guardians of the Galaxy
James Gunn - 2014


Les Misérables
Tom Hooper - 2012


The Social Network
David Fincher - 2010


Nathan Greno, Byron Howard - 2010


Christopher Nolan - 2010


Sucker Punch
Zack Snyder - 2011


Nicolas Winding Refn - 2011


Pete Travis - 2012


Christopher Nolan - 2014


Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee - 2013


  1. Great list, man! Of course, I love the inclusion of The Social Network, but I'm glad that you loved Les Mis, as well.

    Without really thinking through things, I would say that The Social Network would definitely be on my list. The Avengers and Les Mis might have a shot, as well.

    1. Yeah, Social Network and Les Mis are two examples of movies that didn't rank TOO high initially, but that I just grew to appreciate more and more over time. Thanks, Tanner. :)

  2. Some great picks here Chris! :) Interstellar, Dredd, Drive, Inception...and then there's Sucker Punch. I mean, wut? :P Sucker Punch is the only movie I've considered walking out on - it was that bad. Each to their own but that'd be something I'd be putting on my Worst Films of the Decade So Far list :) Speaking of which, this is a really great idea and has got me thinking about my own picks. Maybe I'll have to come up with my own 10 of Ten Best :)

    1. Yeah, I've seen you rant against that movie before, so I knew you wouldn't be a fan of its inclusion, haha. But I absolutely adored it. I found just so brilliant, the ideas on display, the themes he tackles, the way it just embraces and celebrates getting lost in ones vivid imagination, and his choice of vision and fascinating use of music he utilizes in order to explore those themes, just absolutely mesmerizing. But that's my take on it at least, heh. :P

      But yeah, I'd definitely be interested in checking out your take on this list. Go for it. :)

  3. Great list! I definitely agree with a few of these. I just can't get on the Tangled bandwagon though, that film was just "meh."

    1. Thanks, Brittani! I dunno, I personally think Tangled is Disney's return to quality filmmaking myself, but to each their own. What would make your list?