Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cat of the Day: Pepper

Today's Cat of the Day is our very own watch cat, Pepper!

Pepper was one of my Grandma's cats who came into our care a few month's back. And in that time, she's found the perfect duty to keep herself busy. See, whenever this mountain lion's not hiding away in her little cave...

... she's hard at work keeping watch over the whole house.

We apparently keep our pepper on top of the fridge...

And she's one of the hardest working cat's I've ever come across, standing her post with pride day in and day out. However, though she'll gladly let you approach her when she's so high up and looking down on you, if you ever happen to spot her on ground level, she's almost certain to turn tail and run away, like she's embarrassed to be caught off post or something.

But Pepper's a good cat who always does a good job looking over her people, and that's why today she's our Cat of the Day!