Monday, April 1, 2013

Dog of the Day: BJ

The dogs have taken over! Welcome, everyone, to Dog Every Day April! And what better way to start Dog Every Day than with our very first Dog of the Day, BJ!

When I went over to my dad's house to meet with BJ and congratulate him on his big day, he promptly greeted me by handing me a tennis ball and insisting that we first play fetch.

So I played along and tossed the ball a few times, but it wasn't too long before he started to get a bit dirty. And so he decided that both he and the ball needed to take a bath.

After bathing, he must have decided that I had gotten a little too dirty as well, 'cause he walked right next to me and gave me a quick impromptu shower as he shook all the water off onto me.

Oh that's hilarious!

But I don't hold a grudge against him for that. 'Cause BJ's a good dog. He's really big and getting pretty old, but he's just living the comfortable life. And after our meeting had ended, he wasted no time getting back into bed to rest up for more brief runs of shenanigans to come.

So congratulations again to BJ, and stick around for more Dog Every Day April!

Edited April 2nd:

April Fools, guys! Nope, the dogs haven't quite taken things over just yet.

(But maybe in August?)


  1. You should make this a regular feature, I know my mom would be into for sure. She posts a pic of some random dog on Facebook on the daily. ;-)

  2. I actually did Cat Every Day August last year, where I literally talked about cats every single day, lol. I'm not as much of a dog person as I am a cat person, though, so I wouldn't be able to do such a thing with dogs without much prior planning. However, I am looking into possibly making this a thing come August, so we'll see. And as for things outside of a set month, I've actually been toying with that idea as well, so we'll see. (I do make it a point to post random cats on my facebook, though, so there is that! :P )

    But anyways, glad you enjoyed it, and definitely send your mom this way if I do decide to make this a more regular thing, lol. :)