Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Velcro: The Green Lion - Now Available!

Finally, the wait is over. In the highly anticipated sequel to The Ninja Kat, Velcro is back and is ready to own in her latest ventures in Velcro: The Green Lion. And you can order your copy today on amazon.com in either paperback or e-book form.

I'm actually pretty pleased with how this one turned out. The last few chapters especially were some of the most fun pieces of writing I've ever churned out, and I hope they're just as fun to read as well. But it still took me quite a while to actually get to those chapters, as this book took me much longer than expected to finish up.

I started writing the first chapters of this book only about a week before the real Velcro passed, after which I kinda had to take a step back from the story for a while. A year later, I finally published the first book in the series, but progress was still slow going on this one for the most part, as I shifted focus on promoting and marketing that one. However, right around the time I was wrapping up conventions for 2013, something sparked in me, and I was finally able to just sit down, stay focused, and finally get this thing done and out there. And I'm glad that I finally have, and I'm now ready to move on to other projects that I've been putting on hold in the meantime.

It's kinda funny, while working on The Green Lion, I constantly had ideas for other stories nagging at me to pay them attention, distracting me from completing this book. And now that The Green Lion's finished and I'm finally working on those projects, now the next installment of The Ninja Kat series is nag nag nagging at me to continue work on them first. Ah, the life of a writer, haha!

But anyways, as I said, I am pleased with how this one turned out, and early readers have already expressed their enthusiasm for the direction the story takes as well, so I hope you'll all check it out and be just as enthused with Velcro's latest adventures!



  1. Yay! I'm so happy to see the new book! I've been wondering when it would come out and now, here it is!