Monday, May 10, 2010

Iron Man 2 and more...

So I just got back from seeing Iron Man 2, and it was... okay. Not as good as the first movie, which is itself extraordinarily overrated (seriously, everybody who likes to claim that Iron Man is somehow better than The Dark Knight is only lying to themselves. Please, Iron Man wishes it was even on the same level as The Dark Knight). However, Iron Man 2 wasn't at all a bad movie either. It's just... okay.

In many ways it's not as fun as the original, and the constant bickering between Tony and Pepper becomes quite annoying (though not nearly on the level of the abortion that is The Legend of Zorro). I still can't say that I'm a fan of the Iron Man series after this movie, and really, I think the only thing that might get me interested would be if they somehow get a Civil War type story going. After all, the only time the Iron Man character has ever really even been interesting to me is when he was the main antagonist during the whole Civil War series a while back.

The overall quality of these latest Marvel movies does have me a bit worried about the upcoming Thor, Captain America, and Avengers movies. While I don't expect any of them to be bad, I just can't see them stepping up to the likes of The Dark Knight, Watchmen, or the Spider-Man movies, which is a shame, and makes it kind of hard for me to really get pumped for them.

Anyways, so overall, while not a bad movie, Iron Man 2 did end up disappointing. I think Robert Downey Jr. should really stick with Sherlock Holmes, now there's a series worth looking forward to. As for upcoming movies, my most anticipated movie of the year still remains The Last Airbender. I can't wait for that one! So far, the best movies I've seen this year have been Kick-Ass, The Book of Eli, and The Ghost Writer (I really can't recommend that last one enough), and there's a few really good looking films still on the horizon as well. So while Marvel may not necessarily be delivering, there's still some good stuff coming our way.

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